When Should You See a Fertility Specialist?

Infertility is the inability to get pregnant after unprotected intercourse for at least a year. While ovulation issues can contribute to infertility in some circumstances, there are many other potential factors.

Infertility is frequently treatable with medicine or surgery. The choice of treatment is based on test findings, how long a couple has been trying to conceive, their general health, and the partners' desires.

In your quest to establish a family, you might want to consult a fertility specialist for the following reasons.

  • 1. You haven't conceived after 12+ months of sexual activity without birth control

  • The average time it takes a couple to get pregnant is five to six months. If you are under 35 and had unprotected intercourse (sex without using birth control during the previous 12 months), you might want to see a fertility specialist.

  • 2. You're Over 35

  • Our eggs become less plentiful and less healthy as we get older. (Age's advantages and disadvantages!) If you are 35 years of age or older and have been trying to conceive for six months without taking birth control, you might want to get in touch with a fertility specialist.

    If you are 40 or older, you are considered at high risk for pregnancy; thus, you may want to start by visiting a fertility specialist.

  • 3. Three miscarriages or more are in your past

  • When a pregnancy ends before 20 weeks have passed since conception, it is called a miscarriage. An incorrect number of chromosomes in the egg or sperm, which prevents a fertilised egg from growing correctly, is the most frequent cause of miscarriage.

    Miscarriage may occur as a result of early developmental problems, such as an egg with structural issues or inadequate implantation in the uterus. If you have had two or more losses, you might consider consulting with a specialist to examine your health while trying to get pregnant.

    Any severe conditions that could be the root of these miscarriages should be known to you.

  • 4. Your partner has trouble maintaining or achieving erections

  • It's easy to schedule a consultation with a male fertility specialist. These specialists, also referred to as urologists or andrologists, have a thorough understanding of the male reproductive system. They can assist you in finding a solution to these problems.

  • 5. You Don't Period, Your Period Is Unreliable, or You Bleed A Lot

  • If you haven't had a period, you could not be ovulating. Period irregularities could be brought on by an ovulation condition or your brain sending the incorrect hormone signals.

    A uterine polyp or fibroid, or a cervical lesion, may be the source of bleeding during or after intercourse. If you bleed for more than seven days, use more than one pad or tampon per hour for several hours, or pass blood clots more significant than the size of a quarter, your period is unusually heavy.

    An endocrine abnormality or a uterine fibroid could bring this on.

  • 6. You have received a cancer diagnosis

  • Depending on a woman's age, the treatment she receives, and the amount of cancer treatment may affect her ability to conceive.

    You can actively preserve your fertility treatment if recently diagnosed with cancer. An evaluation by a fertility professional would assist in identifying whether fertility was impacted if you have already had therapy.

  • 7. You Suffer from a Thyroid Disorder

  • One in eight women will experience thyroid problems at some point, and up to 60% of people with thyroid problems are unaware of their symptoms.

    Hypothyroidism, caused by an underactive thyroid, is one of the most prevalent thyroid diseases. Decreased thyroid hormone levels might affect ovulation and result in irregular menstrual cycles.

    Before becoming pregnant, it's crucial to monitor your thyroid hormone levels if you have a known thyroid condition.

    In addition to working with you to manage your thyroid hormone to encourage a healthy pregnancy and lower the risk of miscarriage, a fertility doctor can help you improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

  • 8. Have a History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Either You or Your Partner

  • Sexual contact is the primary method of transmission for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), formerly known as sexually transmitted diseases which may lead to infection and inflammation.

    They may cause scarring in the fallopian tubes of females, which might prevent the egg and sperm from ever fusing.

    Men may develop recurring infections due to them, which could impair sperm motility, function, and count. If you experience these issues, look for the best fertility centre near you and know the next steps to be taken.

  • 9. You Suffer From a Chronic Illness

  • As you likely already know, if you have a chronic or ongoing medical issue, you and your care provider/specialist are practically best friends. Fertility is not any different from that.

    If you experience the following afflictions or conditions, we suggest you speak with a reproductive professional. Like Diabetes, ovulation disorder, genetic conditions, heart conditions, hypertension, and kidney disease.


A fertility specialist can assess whether the reason for infertility can be identified and, with the use of particular tests and medication, can give the necessary treatment if you are having trouble getting pregnant or are experiencing infertility problems.

Surgery or medication is frequently used to treat infertility. The test findings, the length of time the couple tried to conceive, the couple's general health, and the preferences of each partner all play a role in the treatment decision.

Yet, there are situations when it may not be clear whether it is best to consult a reproductive professional. Before choosing to see a fertility clinic, patients frequently ignore the lesser symptoms and worsen their situation.

Even if this process could appear intimidating, you can find many kind professionals who can guide you through it. We at Matrika IVF specialize in understanding your concerns and come up with the right treatment suitable for your particular concern.

We understand the journey through infertility is tough, stressful and time consuming. Our specialists ensure to take you through the journey, hasslefree and confidently. Book your appointment with Matrika IVF Fertility Centre in Warangal today.

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