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Our expert approach towards fertility

Our dedicated team of professionals are proficient in addressing any of your fertility needs with utmost confidentiality and
ensure to give each of our patients a personalized treatment. We are here to give you a plan. A parenthood plan! Approach our Best Fertility Centre in Warangal.

Your dream is bigger and precious than what others have to say!

Don’t pay heed to the taboos that surround you about fertility. With us, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a parent. Come to our Fertility Centre in Hanmakonda. we will take you on a journey of parenthood that is going to be as comfortable, beautiful and memorable as possible.



A specialist in Reproductive medicine with extensive experience in reproductive medicine



A skillful Urologist, Andrologist and Minimal Access Surgeon. With an MCh in Urology from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad.

We breathe life into your parenthood dream!

Sai Matrika Fertility Treatment in Warangal brings your parenthood dream to life with treatment plans that are safe & effective.

One in every six couples are facing difficulty in conceiving due to various factors. We provide personalised treatments, all under one roof.

A home like atmosphere, A family like love!

Because we have been compassionate and understanding of every parent’s need, we have been able to give them an experience of a lifetime. Come to our IVF Centre in Warangal be a part of this journey and we assure you, it's going to be worth it!

  • "It is a very successful fertility centre in Warangal, I'm very happy and thanks to Matrika management.the total staff are very careful to treat the patient."

    - Radhika Reddy
  • "Shreya Mam is the best doctor so far we consulted .we got our positive results just in 1 month treatment .The staff are friendly and well mannered."

    - Phalgun Vuppula
  • "We are very satisfied with the treatment. Matrika fertility centre is wonderful experience. Best ivf center in Warangal. Iam conceive in 3 months of treatment. Dr Shreya gowni you are best doctor in infertility."

    - Sambaiah Kondaboina
  • "Very nice experience.... Good stuff.. Iam very thankful to Dr Shreya madam. The hospital environment is like Rainbow children hospital hyd. Dr is very friendly with us... Thank you sooooo much to matrika hospital and Dr Shreya mam"

    - Veligeti Srirekha

A clinic for everyone!

Whoever you are, this place is for you and it’s going to be your safe haven!

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

1. Is the egg retrieval procedure painful?
  • Because anesthesia is used for egg retrieval, patients feel nothing during the procedure. Egg retrieval is a minor surgery, in which a vaginal ultrasound probe fitted with a long, thin needle is passed through the wall of the vagina and into each ovary. The needle punctures each egg follicle and gently removes the egg through a gentle suction. Anesthesia wears off quickly once egg retrieval is concluded. Patients may feel some minor cramping in the ovaries that can be treated with appropriate medications.
2. How are frozen embryos transferred?
  • Previously frozen embryos may be transferred during a woman's natural cycle or in a controlled (artificial) cycle, depending on a number of factors.
3. When should I opt for IVF?
  • The IVF procedure can be prescribed in cases where the other fertility treatments have failed, or if the chances of a successful pregnancy are higher with this method than with any other treatment.
How much time does IVF take?
  • IVF involves two visits:
  • (1) One day for checkup / pre-IVF preparation
  • (2) 15 days for IVF procedure
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