Infertility Diagnosis

There are one to too many reasons that cause infertility and before we proceed with a treatment plan,
we carry out certain procedures to know the exact cause which will help us in giving you a correct treatment plan.

  • Causes Of Female Infertility

    Some possible causes of female factor infertility can include: Problems with the uterus, Problems with the fallopian tubes, Problems with ovulation, Problems with the number of eggs and quality.

  • Causes Of Male Infertility

    Factors affecting male fertility include: Ejaculation issues, Varicocele, Antibodies that attack sperm, Defects of tubules that transport sperm, Hormone imbalances, Problems with sexual intercourse.

Initial Consultation

Our fertility specialists will take a detailed history taking your previous
treatments into consideration. They may advise certain tests to understand you better.

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    History Taking

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    Hormonal investigation

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    Semen analysis


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